Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Why I Hate the Public Health Care System

As everyone knows since the economy started to tank in 2008, nearly everyone has been hit with financial difficulties and has had to make some sacrifices in some ways. I am no exception, when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter I was umemployed like many others and my boyfriend's job did not offer health insurance.

So I was forced to apply for Medi-Cal, I didn't necessarily mind it, afterall my older sister and her kids had been on Medi-Cal for years and did ok. Everything was going ok for the first year, fastward to July of this year. 


Anyway around the beginning of July my daughter came down with a horrible case of diarrhea just out of the blue she would have diarrhea 6-8 times a day. It was so bad that she had an awful rash on her bottom, sometimes her butt would be covered in blood because her skin was raw from being wiped so often. It was really bad. 

I took her to the doctor and he informed me she just had a stomach virus and gave me cream for her diaper rash. A week later it continued so we went back, he said the same thing and gave us a different cream. Week 3 we took her to Children's Hospital they told us the same thing, its a stomach virus and to keep doing what I was doing. I go back to the doctor the next week, and he says he will give me a referral to a specialist.

A week and a half later I get my referral and I call to schedule an appointment, but they tell me my doctors office has failed to send of the authorization papers, so I call my doctor and ask them to fax it. This goes on for a 2 weeks. The next week I call Children's Hospital again, they tell me they got it, but they can't do anything until my doctor's office sends over the lab work.

So again I go back and fourth between my doctor's office and Children's Hospital and still nothing, it's going on week 4 and I still haven't got an appointment. My daughter is still having diarrhea, not as bad but still has it every day. Her referral is only good til September 28, 2012 so if I don't get an appointment before then I have to start all over. This is very frustrating, I feel like nobody seems to care she is just another child stuck in the public health system.

Obama Care was passed and is supposed to offer health care options to the public, but if this is what we are going to be subjected to I don't want it. And then I'll be forced to pay a penalty tax because I don't want this crappy public health care the government is offering me. It's ridiculous I don't feel I should have to go through all this trouble to get a freakin appointment, would I get in any sooner if I knew she was dying? Who knows, for all I know she could be but nobody would care because she is part of the public health care system.

Why don't you do something about that Obama, or even Mitt Romney? Anyway I hate the public health system and can't wait to not be a part of it anymore.

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  1. Megan,

    Your frustrating ordeal is something a lot of people will experience, especially those in the larger metropolitan areas. It's hard enough to find a good doctor with competent, helpful staff when you have private insurance.

    I hope your daughter gets better soon. Does she have a grandmother or auntie that can recommend some good ole-fashioned home remedies to help until you can get in to see someone?

    Hoping for the best for you.