Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Summer is coming to an end...and I'm kind of sad

I haven't updated my blog in a few days because I have to admit I've been a little bummed, the past week hasn't been great, it's been really hot here and I found out my boyfriend got laid off from work. Not good when he's the source of our income and we were trying to move out, so I've been kind of sad I talk about being affected by the economy a lot in my blog posts but I really wasn't expecting this. My parents also got some other job related news that wasn't good so it's just been a sucky week lately.

And now summer is coming to an end, boo. I will admit I'm tired of triple digit days and worrying if the electric company is going to turn our a/c off due to flex alerts and chances of power outages, however; even though it hasn't been very kind to me I really kind of enjoyed summer. No school for me so I can dedicate all my attention to my little princess, BBQ food, swimming, beaches, fireworks, this year the summer Olympics, and quality time spent with my family.

My daughter loves to be outside in the picture above she's playing with the water table we bought her, I swear she could spend hours out there. But we love to swim, I really think she is going to be an Olympic swimmer one day, she can't wait to get into the pool sometimes. I'm going to miss the summer nights we would spend outside just watching the sunset and enjoying the breeze.

The afternoons we spent swimming (like today), and watching her and her cousin run through the sprinklers at night, it's just kind of sad. When hard times hit you it's these special moments that really help you through them, just thinking about all the fun we had together this summer makes me smile, and lets me know that even though things seem bad, we still have our family so I know we will be ok. Sometimes when I feel like I'm going to breakdown and cry, I stop myself and remind myself of all the good memories we've made this summer it helps me make it through another day. So good bye summer I'm really going to miss you. See you in about 10 months. Fall here we come, and please be kind to me.

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