Saturday, July 13, 2013

I wrote another guest post for BabyCenter

So I wanted to let you all know I wrote another guest post for BabyCenter's blog about trying to conceive and how hard it can be when you find out you're not pregnant. It can touchy topic that some people are afraid to open up about which is why I choose to write about it.

You can read it here: A hard way to find out you're not pregnant please feel free to comment. I appreciate honesty, please share the good, bad, and the ugly with me.

Thank you for continuing read my stories and sharing yours with me.

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Photo Credit: BabyCenter LLC


  1. Hey Megan, It's really hard to get pregnant when you wanted it so much!!! And it will happen when you least expect it. I have lot lots of wonderful stories on babycenter and it makes my outlook brighter and more positive. I have also read several articles on 'trying to conceive' success stories. Anyway, I am on my 7month with my first now and excited with my delivery soon. Planning to be one of the successful WAHM also. Thanks! Kathrine J.

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  3. I hope you already got pregnant since this post is already 3 months ago. They said that if a couple is happy while love making and got pregnant then the baby will be beautiful or handsome haha, just a funny saying!

    I am a certified work at home employee. And also have hard time having our first child but we got 4 kids after 10 years. Thanks God!